I'm a developer and a 3D artist, there's a lot of things I do know and don't know but thats why we are here right? The Unknowns Saga is the main game that I have continued to work on. It's not much but little by little the game will become something.

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Feliz año nuevo, en esta publicación de blog quiero hablar sobre los planes para el juego. El primero es el nombre, elijo crónicas porque realmente resalta la historia de una manera clara y comprensiva. El nombre está bien, no funciona con la palabra Saga, que se trata de historias largas en una sola narración. Planeo escoger una palabra diferente, Tendré que hacer la tarea, la fraseología debe sonar bien.

Segundo, el juego se promocionará mucho más para que la gente lo compre. El plan es lanzarlo en verano de este año. No quiero pagar otra tarifa por la marca, ¡este tiene que ser el momento de lanzarla! Otra demostración estará disponible que tendrá mejores cosas, una cierta exhibición del trabajo antes de comprar.

Por último, los CD de demostración se venderán mucho antes que en línea. Si puedo conseguir un asiento para una de las convenciones y vender los CD. No las grandes claramente, pero necesito comenzar en alguna parte. Escribiré una actualización si sucede algo, si no funcionó, publicaré la demostración en línea.

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Available for Work

looking to do commissions or work for music, photo editing or video editing

I need some money and you need work done, i am willing to work for $10 for simple projects which includes simple music, photo editing and video editing.

What i consider work is if you request photos to be edited in which i need to use something besides simple tools. Video editing would take at least 3 hours to work on and music being original. This would be a case by case price since i won't know the exact details of your project. It can be anywhere from $15 to $50 estimate.

anything that requires me to join the team must present me with a contract of agreement for price and how things will be handle. I currently can not officially join a team but if you plan to hire me, you must do so with hourly pay so i can have food to eat.

The programs i will be using are Magix Music Maker 2021, Magix Movie Edit Pro 2021 and Affinity Photo. I have over 8 years of experience on photoshop and photo editing, 4 years in music and 11 years making videos on my youtube channel. Magix Software i have are premium, I have access to VST in music and advance video editing in Movie Edit Pro. This is also mostly why i have my price over $10 because these are not your everyday cheap or free software, i have to pay to get these.

Example video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSm9t4EN7L0

Thank you for reading, any questions or price negotiation, talk to me and we'll see if we can make a deal.