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I'm a developer and a 3D artist, there's a lot of things I do know and don't know but thats why we are here right? The Unknowns Saga is the main game that I have continued to work on. It's not much but little by little the game will become something.

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Today is the 7th anniversary of the game's release, I wanted it to be some luck. Yes, some of you may already guess that this is also a way to get a promotion for my game, but can you blame me if I have almost zero visits to my website?

The rules are simple, upload any art, yes, any and get lucky. Please tell me where you want me to contact you so I can tell you if you won. More details can be found here: https://tally.so/r/31D5pm

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looking to do commissions or work for music, photo editing or video editing

I need some money and you need work done, i am willing to work for $10 for simple projects which includes simple music, photo editing and video editing.

What i consider work is if you request photos to be edited in which i need to use something besides simple tools. Video editing would take at least 3 hours to work on and music being original. This would be a case by case price since i won't know the exact details of your project. It can be anywhere from $15 to $50 estimate.

anything that requires me to join the team must present me with a contract of agreement for price and how things will be handle. I currently can not officially join a team but if you plan to hire me, you must do so with hourly pay so i can have food to eat.

The programs i will be using are Magix Music Maker 2021, Magix Movie Edit Pro 2021 and Affinity Photo. I have over 8 years of experience on photoshop and photo editing, 4 years in music and 11 years making videos on my youtube channel. Magix Software i have are premium, I have access to VST in music and advance video editing in Movie Edit Pro. This is also mostly why i have my price over $10 because these are not your everyday cheap or free software, i have to pay to get these.

Example video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSm9t4EN7L0

Thank you for reading, any questions or price negotiation, talk to me and we'll see if we can make a deal.